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Carlos Betancourt (1966)

1966 Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Present Lives and works in Miami

1992 Fort Lauderdale Public Library, Fort Lauderdale, Hispanic Heritage Exhibit: Carlos Betancourt (September 30 - October 30)
1996 St. Thomas University Atrium Gallery, Miami, Images of a Heaven: New Works by Carlos Betancourt (October 30 - December 11)
1999-2000 Galeria Casa Colon, Miami Beach, New Works by Carlos Betancourt (December 10, 1999 - January 18, 2000)
2001 Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, Miami, Carlos Betancourt: Outdoor Photography Project (January 27 - March 3)
2002 Robert Miller Gallery, New York, Carlos Betancourt (January 8 - February 2)
J. Johnson Gallery, Jacksonville, FL, Carlos Betancourt (February 9 - March 30)
Lowe Art Museum, Coral Gables, FL, Carlos Betancourt: Recent Photographic Works (August, September)
Palacio de Espinola, Lanzarote, Canary Islands Spain (September)
2004 Blue Star Art Space, San Antonio, Texas ( _________ )

1989-90 Coral Snake Gallery, Miami Beach, Miami Artist Series (December 14, 1989 - January, 1990)
1990 Galaxy Gallery, Miami Beach, Duet in the Sun (April 16 - May)
1991 Mark Wheeler Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, Alumni Awards Exhibit (May)
Coral Gables, Florida Style Competition Winners
1992 Imperfect Utopia Gallery, Miami Beach, Freedom (May 16 - July 8)
Milan, Feria del Mueble (Stefano Carniato, curator)
1993 World Gallery, Miami, Sheets (February 4 - March 10)
Gallery on First, Miami, Miami Right Now (March 4)
Imperfect Utopia Gallery, Miami Beach, Cuba-Cola (March 19 - April 24)
Lohman and Busse Gallery, Dortmund, Germany, In Color
Ambrosino Gallery, Coral Gables, Summer Exhibit (June - July)
The Cuban Museum, Miami (November)
1994 Gallery on One, Sarasota, FL, Miami Right Now (March 4)
Helen Cevern Gallery, New York, Sheets ( (April - May 10)
HB Starr Gallery, Palm Beach, Five Latin American Artists (April 14)
Arte BA, Buenos Aires, Fracturism (April 15 - 24)
South Florida Art Center, Miami Beach, Who’s Who
Imperfect Utopia Gallery, Miami Beach (June 8 - August 10)
1995 Meza Fine Art, Coral Gables, En la Arena Sabrosa (July 7 - August 8)
Gallery at Natcom, Miami, The Color of Exile (September)
1996 Meza Fine Art, Coral Gables, New Works by Gallery Artists (March)
Art Miami, Miami Beach (January 4 - 8)
1997 St. Thomas University, Miami, Exhibit from the Collection of St. Thomas University (May)
1998 Conde-Goodman Gallery, Miami, Miami Artist Group Show (September 12)
Miami Beach, Lucky 13 (March 7 - April 8)
Coral Gables, CRI - Art Against Aids VII, curated by Fred Snitzer (March 16)
1999 Galeria Casa Colon, Merida, Mexico, Gallery Artist Show (January)
Miami-Dade Public Library, Miami, All God’s Children Got Shoes
Miami Beach, Fla-Bra (March)
The Society of the Four Arts, Palm Beach, 61st National Competition of American Painting, curated by Susan Delahanty, (December 2 - 24)
2000 Galeria Casa Colon, Miami Beach, Gallery Artist Show (January 22)
Espiritu Santo Bank, Miami, Emerging Perspectives, curated by (Fred Snitzer (January 19)
Espiritu Santo Bank, Miami, Departing Perspectives , curated byFred Snitzer (January 22 - 23)
The American Foundation for the Arts, Miami Beach Cultural Arts Council Grant and Miami-Dade Cultural Affairs, Miami, The Sounds, Symbols Project (New Forms Grant Installation, Miami Beach) (March 17 - 19)
2001 Group Espirito Santo, Miami, Emerging Perspectives (January 19 - 21)
Bernice Stainbaum Gallery, Miami, Outdoor Photography Project (January 27 - March 3)
The Barrio Museum at Little Havana, Miami, 17 + 4 (April 20)
Silvana Facchini Gallery, Miami, Living in Miami (April 27 - May 26)
ArtCenter/South Florida, Miami Beach, Re-Connect (September 25 - October 29)
New Gallery, University of Miami, Miami, Hurricane Show: 25 Powerful Artists in 25 Days (October 8)
Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami, Monster Mash IV (October 20)
Centro Cultural Osvaldo Guayasamín, Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, IV Bienal del Caribe: Miami Tierra Caliente (November 15, 2001 - December 12, 2002)
2001-02 Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach, Inside and Out: Contemporary Sculpture, Video and Installations (December 13, 2001 - February 3, 2002)
2002 Museo Galeria Banco Santander, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Quinta Gran Subasta (May 31 - June 12)
Miami-Dade Main Library, The Alphabet (June 21- August 20)
PR '02 : En Ruta, outdoor intervention, San Juan, Puerto Rico ( October 6 - 13 )
Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, Cuban Photography (August - December)
Contexto, outdoor intervention, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
( October 14-20 )
Art Basel, Miami Beach (December)
Neutral Zone, outdoor intervention, Miami, Florida ( December 7 )
2003 ARCO, Madrid, Spain (February)

1988 Miami Style Competition Award
Design Guild of South Florida, Outstanding Excellence
Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Mark Wheeler Gallery, Best in Exhibit
Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Highest Achievement
Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Best Portfolio
1989 Miami Beach Development Corporation, Excellence in Design
1990 Florida Style Competition, Best in Show
1991 Florida Style Competition Award
Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Distinguished Alumni
Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale Alumni Exhibit, Best in Exhibit
1993 Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Hall of Fame
1996 Dade Community Foundation, National Cover Award
Miami Beach Festival of the Arts Art Competition, First Place
1997 Chivas Regal Order of Distinction Award, First Place, Plastic Arts
1999 Dade County Cultural Affairs New Forms Grant
American Foundation for The Arts, City of Miami Beach Arts Council Grant
2000 Florida Individual Artist Fellowship, Honorable Mention Recipient
Florida Department of State Millennium Cultural Recognition Award
Miami-Dade Art in Public Places Commission
2001 National Endowment for the Arts Grant, in collaboration with Florida International University.
2003 Arte Publico de Puerto Rico Commussion

The Art Museum at Florida International University, Miami, FL
Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach, FL
City of Miami Beach, FL
Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, GA
Cuban Museum, Miami, FL
Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Galan Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
Miami-Dade Community Foundation, Miami, FL
Miami-Dade Public Library, Miami, FL
The National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
St. Thomas University, Miami, FL
Transatlantic Bank, Miami, FL
Museo de Arte Moderno, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Lowe Art Museum, Coral Gables, FL
Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno, Gran Canaria, Spain

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